Hail muse and let words and ideas flow

I call this page Island of Meaning for several reasons.


Lost sailors who make landfall here will, I hope, find a place where the streams run clear, the trees are laden with fruit, the shade is cool and they can pause awhile and reflect on items of substance before resuming their journeys.


The name alludes to Man’s Search for Meaning, the seminal work of psychotherapist and holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.  Searchers could do worse than to explore his quiet and profound philosophy.


This page introduces a novel, Some Say in Ice, about a cruise ship disaster in the Antarctic. The island of meaning springs from the mind of Alison, a polar adventurer who fights to keep her island from sinking beneath the sea of human appetites that brings the great ship Omega to her Antarctic doorstep.  Aboard the doomed liner, each passenger’s island of meaning affects his or her fate, sometimes in surprising ways.


Island of Meaning records the journey of Some Say in Ice to publication.  It serves as a side portal into the story, a gateway to explore its setting, themes, and characters in a nonfiction medium.  As I write, only a handful of people know the novel exists.  Time will reveal whether this will change.