Hotel Icelandica

Hotel I cover draft

HOTEL ICELANDICA is a brief psychological thriller, a riveting 30 minute read.

Carl Victor, American sales executive, boosts his confidence with a disturbing ritual. Whenever he visits a new city on business, he seeks out a naïve young woman. He serves his prey a potent neurochemical dissolved in a drink, then toys with her at his leisure. Victor’s sadistic game fuels his career success, leaving a trail of human wreckage.

When Victor’s London-bound flight is diverted to Reykjavik, he demands a room at the finest hotel in the city. Hotel Icelandica does not disappoint. Its cool, spare atmosphere is like a cave of ice, its staff remarkably intuitive to his needs— particularly his hostess, Hanne Leifsdottir. Young Hanne seems the perfect quarry. Over dinner, Victor plies her with the gentle pressure of his charm. He can taste success.

But Hanne is no ordinary Icelander. And the Icelandica is no ordinary hotel.

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